quarta-feira, 21 de setembro de 2011

Rebel lion-Canto das tribos(2005)


01-So much trouble in the world(Bob marley)
02-Thing called  life(Ma kelley)
03-Have you ever seen the rain(Credence clearwate)
04-Sinta a musica(Frank diamond)
05-My mind(Hugh mundell)
06-Jah warrior(Rebel lion)
07-Chant and pray(Rebel lion)
08-Capital do reggae(Rebel lion)
09-I'm still waiting(Bob marley)
10-A prayer to jah(The gladiators)
11-Do mama Do(Meditations)
12-There's no love(Rebel lion)
13-Look what you're doing to me(Owen gray)
14-Man in my pyjama(Rupert martin)
15-Ballistic affair(Leroy smart)
16-No good girl(B.B seaton)
17-Fire down babylon(Rebel lion)
18-Dream come true(Gregory isaacs)
19-The wonder of you(Baker knight)
20-People in the ghetto(Expression)

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